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This web application is a clean image uploader, with an administration panel which allows you to:

  • Set the possibility of protecting images by password;
  • Set the maximum images size;
  • Set the possibility of showing a checkbow which be marked to upload images;
  • Create a list with label and its specific number of seconds, among which users can choose for the image(s) duration;
  • Set a new admin password;

The web application supports multi upload files, and a dynamic countdown and visitors counter is applied to every generated page.
After this time, images and its informations are deleted from the server.
If user upload more than one image, the application automatically creates a gallery to scroll all images uploaded by him.

  • UTF-8 compatibility added

To add adv code in pages just modify in php files the end lines:
$newpage = new WebPage(); $newpage->setTitle("Home"); $newpage->setStyleUrl("style.css"); $newpage->setBody($body); echo $newpage->getCode();
$newpage = new WebPage(); $newpage->setTitle("Home"); $newpage->setHeader("code for adv which must be in the head tag"); $advbody = "code for adv which must be in the body tag"; $newpage->setStyleUrl("style.css"); $newpage->setBody($body.$advbody); echo $newpage->getCode();
To add a ‘don’t delete image’ option just add the option:
Don’t delete : 3110400000
In order to make the image expire after 100 years! 
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