sLauncher – Minecraft PE Server List with Launcher Free Download

Welcome to sLauncher!

sLauncher is a web application that allows users to add server, track their server reviewal process, check the status of the server and much more things!

sLauncher uses the MCAPI to query the server status, so you can see the online players, the slots and the server version – without using Minecraft PE.

After adding a server, it needs to be reviewed in order to be shown in the server list. Go to your database and change the review to 1 if everything is ok with the server or delete the server if not. Users will not ask if their server is still in the reviewal process, because they can check the status from the web app!

PS. Use the smartphone or resize the browser window (responsive design) to get a great view of sLauncher.

More documentation in the files!

Main Features:

– Add Servers.
– Launch Minecraft PE from the web.
– Check the server status from the web.
– Track your server reviewal process.
– SweetAlert for awesome alerts design.
– Flat and Responsive design.
– MySQL Database use.
– Base64 encode for server banners (no need extra space for image uploads).
– much more that awaits in the package!


– SweetAlert (
– FontAwesome (

Get sLauncher and start your stylish & awesome Minecraft PE Server List now!

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