SocEuro Social Network Free Download

SocEuro Social Network Engine

    is a Social Network Platform is the best way to create your own social website or online community. Launch it in just 1 minute with ultimate features.

      Demo : you can feel free to make a own profile to test all features of SocEuro

      List of features…

      1. Registration
  • Login And Sign Up easy (Now is fast)
  • Fast Ajax Based registration (make profile only with 4 steps)
  • Fast Login (cache based login only with your password our system know your email)
  • Password Reset (if you don’t know you password dont’t wory reset it now)
  • User Profile (Now looks great is diferent than Facebook)
    • Upload photo and cover easy with one click
    • Friends Section (your friends)
    • Photos Section (your latest uploaded photos)
    • Groups Section (in how much group you are)
    • Profile Informatiom (when you are born , how old are you etc…
    • Wall and News (Of course we do not miss it to add a powerful wall for your social network you can expand more than 70 url’s any of which “Youtube”, “VIMEO” , “INSTAGRAM” , “SOUNDCLOUD” etc..
  • Settings – Manage Everthing
    • Profile Settings (update your profile)
    • Groups Settings (manage groups settings)
    • Change Profile name (you can change aways your name)
    • Change profile password (change your password if you want new)
    • Change Profile email (change your email if you use new)
    • Black List (add members to black list if you not want they to view your profile
    • Delete your profile forever (our system will delete all your history , images , files and etc.. don’t wory we are not information collectors
    • Closed Profile (Great function yes ? with this function you can be calm from intruders)
  • News Feed – Comfort is important
    • Great Grid based design of our news feed comfort is important
    • Follow the news of groups , friends and much more
  • Request – Real Notification
    • Group Request (you will get invites from group in this section)
    • Friends Request (The peoples who wants to be your friends will give you a friend request you can view it on the Friends Requests)
  • Notifications
    • Likes ( you will get notification when someone like your post , photo , video etc..
    • Shares (you will get notification when someone share your post to his wall)
    • Dislikes (you will get notification when someone dislike your post , photo , video etc…
  • Music – The Music Is life
    • Ajax based music player (when you browse on the website the music will not stop)
    • SoundCloud API – (60 bilions of songs just search it and the songs will come)
    • Playlist (collect your favorite songs and play it fast when you want)
  • Guests – There are no secrets
    • Guests (with this function you can view all users who have visited your profile)
    • Enable/Disable (you can easy enable or disable this function if you don’t like it


  • Games – Because we will kill boredom
    • My Games (the games when you have played)
    • Popular Games (most played games in the network)
    • Great Game slider (powerful games presentation slider shows the newest games added)
  • Dating – Meet With your love
    • Like (like photos of participants in dating section)
    • Wink (Wink to your future love)
  • Ask Like
    • Ask questions (you can ask Anonym questions)
  • Anonym
    • Anonym Stories (here you can share your story completely anonymous)
  • Who is online
    • This feature allows you to check who is online in the network
  • Top – 50
    • Top – 50 function (here you will see the top 50 members in the website based on raiting system)
  • #Hashtags
    • #Hashtags (Incredible #hashtags search engine ajax based just enter a word and you will get information of it if exits )
  • Search
    • Ajax based search engine allows you to search members and groups (you can filter the search engine with function “members online , male , famale,etc…)
  • Chat – is more than real
    • Send images (our chat provide you a possibility to send images to your friends using the chat)
    • Draw images (our chat provide you a possibility to draw images and to send it to your friends using the chat)
    • Chat Search (search fast your friends using the chat search and connect with him
    • Chat History (here you can view all chat’s history)
    • Delete chat (you can fully remove conversation)
    • Draggable (move your chat and paste it wherever you want)
    • Resize your chat (make your chat big or small everything is a matter of taste)
  • Sticker Store (For The chat)
    • Sticker Store (our sticker store is very completed add or remove stickers from our stickers store)
  • Wall – Because it’s convenient
    • Attach photos (share photos with friends)
    • Share links (Share links with friends
    • Attach post (attach you inportant post of the top of your wall)
    • Like (like your friends of yourself posts)
    • Dislike (dislike your friends of yourself posts)
    • Powerful expand url system (you can expand more than 70 url’s any of which “Youtube”, “VIMEO” , “INSTAGRAM” , “SOUNDCLOUD” etc..)
    • Delete posts (you can remove stories from your wall if you not like it)
    • Pop up wall (like a twitter or vk )
  • Videos
    • Upload videos
    • Like and comment videos
    • Video feed
    • Video Album
  • Groups
    • Groups (create groups and promote your brand)
    • Groups settings (manage your group settings like the profile settings)
    • Post stories on the group wall (wall for the groups here you can share with your followers stories)
    • Group Photos (you can upload in your group photos )
    • Moderators (add or remove moderators from your group)
    • Invite friends (here you can invite friends to be followers to your group)
  • Events
    • Create event (you can create event from the system calendar
    • Invite friend (invite friends to your event)
  • Admin panel
    • Manage everything written above in one place easily and quickly

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