SocialBase- Angular Laravel social login and user management Free Download

This is a simple angular based laravel web application for managing users. Users can easily connect with different social platform like facebook, google, twitter, linked in and so on. This is app is very much easy to manage and customize. There is secure validation. Any intruder will not access. Here is some awesome features that you can see from right side.

SocialBase is a simple to use, end-to-end, token-based authentication module for AngularJS with Laravel with built-in support for Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, GitHub, Bitbucket, Yahoo, Twitch, Microsoft (Windows Live) OAuth providers, as well as Email and Password sign-in. However, you are not limited to the sign-in options above, in fact you can add any OAuth 1.0 or OAuth 2.0 provider by passing provider-specific information in the app config block. It’s build with html, css, javascript, laravel and angularjs. Easy to integrate to any site.

Demo Credentials:

Admin Email:
Admin Password: 12345

User Email:
User Password: 12345

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