SocialStats – Social media tools for experts Free Download

SocialStats is an expert social media tool, by using SocialStats you can easily find out which of your URLs are having better social interactions with users.

Social Stats script is very simple to install, would hardly take about 2-3 minutes with no-fuzzy configurations needed. It works on every type of hosting..let it be shared hosting or any other, it would work on every platform.

It is also Mobile Optimized (fully responsive) so that you can use it on any platform, let it be mobile or your tablet or any large screen…it would adjust itself everywhere.

Server Requirements:

  • PHP 5.3 or greater version
  • Apache web server (comes by default with every hosting)
  • Linux or windows operating system (Preferred is linux, which is by default is already installed on every shared, vps hostings)

SocialStats Features:

  • Analyze multiple website and URLs all together
  • Analyzes multiple social networks together
  • Works with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIN, Pinterest, Buffer etc
  • Data are analyzed through concurrency and parallel methods, which makes it more efficient and fast
  • Works fast & very efficiently without any lag or crash
  • Ajax based user interface for better user experience
  • Displays social DATAs like: (Like, shares, comments, tweets, plusones, linkedIn count, pinterest likes, buffer shares etc)
  • Smart number formatting system (i.e thousands interpreted as K and millions as M and so on)
  • Built using Bootstrap 3.0
  • Responsive and multi-platform design which looks perfect on every size device
  • Inbuilt validation for URLs and SPAM checks

Updates & Changelog

Version 1.0 — Released

  • Initial version!

More updates with new features are coming soon.. 
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