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Tale – Website Engine

TALE is designed to improve the way you publish a website. It unifies the basic functions that you need, without leaving the ability to continue extending and customizing features. Nowadays there are many amazing html templates but after acquired, still need a backend to work with all the features they offer, perhaps for a contact form, a sitemap, rss feed, etc. Tale acts as a platform for static templates with few restrictions, without admin screens and all focused on the simplicity of use.

What it does?

TALE makes easy to configure and publish your static website templates. And it also can serve Markdown, Jade and LESS files completely out-of-the-box. Tale helps you to publish your website front-end in simple steps, easy and faster. It is designed to handle any content that can be published in the web and viewed in a web browser, like:

  • Blogs
  • Portfolios
  • Resume
  • Marketing Websites
  • Mobile Sites
  • RSS Feeds
  • CMS
  • etc.

What’s this?

  Keeping all simple

Tale is KISS (Keep it simple, stupid!). You don’t need to go into many configuration options and files. Just put your content and run.

  Flat file based

Tale content is based on flat files. Specifically, flat files using Markdown syntax. So, no database. Any file with Markdown content can become a page.

  Built-in Preprocessor

Tale delivers HTML, CSS & JavaScript from your Markdown content. Optionally generate your assets on the fly using Jade and LESS, keeping your code DRY.

  Theme Boilerplates

Themes boilerplates provided can be the starting point of your next website. They will show you how to quickly start and work with Tale.

What’s not this?

Tale is not WordPress, Drupal, etc., there’s no database and no complex admin page, all opposite. Tale philosophy focuses on providing simplicity when launching a website offering a simple framework to develop and deploy a website following best practices.


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1.3 – Jun 14 2014
  • New: Translate addon
  • Update: Tale Core improvements
  • Update: Share addon – Supports share button from
  • Update: Helper addon – Option to Minify assets (css/js)
  • Update: Tags addon – Tag cloud generator
  • Update: Form addon – disables automatically if no forms defined
  • Update: Loader addon – added option to disable addon
  • Update: Base theme – display post pages, uses share button and translation
  • Fix: Helper addon error on missing function arguments
  • Fix: General minor fixes
  • Updated documentation
1.2 – Mar 23 2014
  • New: Internal cache support
  • New: Dribbble API addon
  • New: Draftin integration addon
  • New: Helper functions addon
  • New: Resources Hider addon
  • Fix: Added core directory exclusion (apache)
  • Updated documentation
1.1 – Feb 06 2014
  • New: Facebook comments addon
  • New: Google+ comments addon
  • Fix: Error on rss feed addon
  • Updated documentation
1.0 – Jan 10 2014
  • Initial Release

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