The GIF Animator Free Download

Are memes not enough to entertain your visitors? We present you a great plugin for “” script which enables your visitors to create animation GIFs / Reaction GIFs right from the very platform which makes your meme website unbeatable and addictive.


  • Create frame by frame animation
  • Preview frames on the fly
  • Clone frames
  • Free hand pencil drawing
  • Draw shapes directly on canvas like square and circle
  • Change color of the objects you draw
  • Change stroke color of the objects you draw
  • Change the stroke size of the objects
  • Write text on the canvas
  • Scale/rotate/flip the objects/text/group
  • Move the objects back and forth just like layers
  • Define FPS (Frame Per Second)
  • Change width/heigh of the canvas
  • Upload exisitng images
  • Import existing GIFs
  • Select/drag objects that you draw
  • Group selection objects that you draw
  • Copy/Paste objects/group on the same frame or another
  • Use keyboard arrow keys to move objects/group
  • Use keyboard delete key to remove objects/group
  • Preview your animation before saving

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