User Roles Manager Free Download

The User Roles Manager PHP Application

The application performs users and roles management and helps to support Single Sign On (SSO) concept for your PHP applications without the need to create user management application again and again for each new web site. Also, you can use the same application and database with different domains using different configuration which can be linked to specific domain

Demo Web Sites

The package contains three web applications: User Roles Manager and two example web sites which demonstarte how to use it. Just drop content of User Roles Manager folder to your Apache web site, run it in broswer and use installation wizard to set up all parameters.

  • user:
    pass: admin

Installation Wizard

Protect Existing PHP pages

Just the copy/paste 5 lines of code, and it will protect any PHP page.


Designed with multi-purpose Bootstrap-powered HTML templates, will look the same in all modern popular browsers. Free themes are included.


The application is based on extremely lightweight micro-framework without using heavy components. Standard modules and functions have been used only.

Multisite’s support

Multisite’s and multi-configuration’s support. Use the same website instance to manage different web sites and their users and roles.

Author’s support

You are welcome to the author technical support to ask any question and leave your requests and ideas and wishes.

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