UserTask – An Advanced User Management System Free Download



UserTask is a PHP script that makes user management easy.

It comes with an interactive Admin panel where the administrator has full control over his users.

It is easy to install as it is shipped with an installer.

Through the application the user can login, register, reset/change his password and much more.

No coding skills required.

Detailed Feature List:

  • User registration and login.
  • Reset Forgotten password and change password when the user is logged in.
  • Send activation email upon registration.
  • Resend activation email to the user.
  • Admin interface easily customizable and extendable for your own projects.
  • Edit user credentials from the admin panel.
  • Ban/Unban, activate, edit and view user activity from the admin panel..
  • Create new user.
  • View users activity.
  • Force users to accept your site’s Terms and configure the url of the Terms.
  • Append Roles to the users and change them anytime.
  • Create your own Rules the users have to follow.
  • Create Url based Rules where you can easily select which webpages/directories can users access.
  • Easily set up reCAPTCHA.
  • Forms are validated and submitted with AJAX!
  • Send emails via SMTP (normal option included).
  • Uses the powerful PHPMailer class where you can easily reuse and extend.
  • Build in, error system, where you can set errors and display them in different pages.
  • Easily customizable, choose your site title, email, password length and much more.
  • Change the brute force protection settings and enable/disable the CSRF protection.
  • CSRF protection class to implement in your project.
  • Style and edit the email templates with the build in WYSIWYG editor!
  • Manage where the user will be redirected after login, registration, password reset and many more.
  • Build on top of the Bootstrap v3.3.6.
  • Use the installer to easily install and first-time configure the application.
  • Configure and change anytime your database settings.
  • Beautiful and extended documentation!
  • No additional codding required for setting up the application!

Visit our for more information or view the demo (login credentials are already set!).

For any question do not hesitate to contact us.

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