WatchdogPrice Free Download

Are you watching prices/discounts gaming services on Steam, or Humble Bundle? Allow application WatchdogPrice do price monitoring instead of you. It will not only monitor whether the game is under your desired price but also alerts you (support Email and RSS). E-mail alerts can be set to following options: off; Only if a game under set price or each control (run CRON in set time). RSS is set so that showed games that are below desired price.

Server on which it is installed WatchdogPrice should be in the same state as you. Services Steam, and Humble bundle offer content by location (because of the law, publishers, etc.).

In WatchdogPrice is also a module for monitoring spending. Just create category and choose whether to spend only a watch, or whether you want to set a limit for a certain period of time (weekly, monthly, quarterly, biannualy and yearly) according to schedule.

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