White-Label Mobile Website Builder SaaS Free Download

Start Your Own Mobile Website Business

Easy to use mobile website builder business! Everything you need to start your own white-label mobile website builder SaaS. Feature packed script to host and offer the best mobile site builder for your users.

Host Unlimited Websites

Perfect as a free script for website hosts, web design companies, startup entrepreneurs, traffic websites, seo and link building services.

Download the scripts and launch your own free mobile webpage builder on your website. Ready out of the box for free signups, all scripts included.

If you would like to make a paid subscription service, like your own mobile page builder, please order the “Extended License” when purchasing. More info on this here ()

Easy Mobile Website Creator

Easy WYSIWYG CMS editor. Like a simple version of WordPress but for your mobile pages. Write, edit, format, add custom HTML and customize each of your pages with images and colors.

One click to change save and instantly update your webpage.

Includes options to customize navigation menu titles, icon, and the animation type. A perfect site builder!

Plenty of features included

Offer your users everything they need to make mobile websites in an easy-to-use content editor control panel. Drag and drop pages in the dashboard to rearrange pages in the CMS. Create new pages or edit them with simple self-explained sections. Help is never more than a click away. Also you can preview your mobile site in the dashboard.

  • Multi-pages
  • Color themes
  • Contact forms
  • Maps
  • Content
  • RSS feeds
  • Facebook / Twitter
  • About Us
  • Direct-to-Call
  • Instant Email
  • Header and Footers
  • And More features in the site builder

FREE Mobile-friendly QR code Creator

Easy, no coding required. Simply fill out the form and your users will get their QR code. It’s the best site builder. Let your mobile website users create their own QR codes to offer their visitors special offers, direct calls, and more features.

Examples Include:

  • Special Offers via SMS
  • Exclusive mobile coupons and deals
  • Limited Deals
  • Instantly call support
  • Pre-fill a customer feedback email
  • Show instructions
  • Send an SMS to receive
  • Instantly download files
  • Link to sales banners or promotional PDFs
  • and more uses!

Offer your users better SEO ranking

In 2015, Google tweaked it’s search algorithms to include mobile-friendliness as a ranking factor since the explosion of mobile traffic made popular by iPhone, Android, iPad, and other mobile devices.

To setup the mobile website on their website, all users have to do is add a piece of HTML code to their website homepage or WordPress header file. Everything is handled automatically to target and redirect mobile visitors to the mobile website offered by your service.

Track Pageviews

Includes a bonus feature in the content editor to track page views across each webpage for your users. Once they login, they’ll see each of their mobile site pages and an updated “Total Views” count. It’s on the dashboard page of the CMS.

Simple Mobile CRM for Clients

Each user can manage incoming submissions from the mobile website form in their control panel. The messages come with email notification, but the control panel tracks submissions in an easy-to-understand list including all the form fields the prospect completed.

A helpful content management addition for small B2C and B2B businesses that would like to track specific mobile related inquiries and sales funnels. Works as a mobile-only support channel too.

Submissions from today are highlighted in green, and from yesterday are highlighted in a faded blue so you can focus on productivity seeing what is on your todos and ignoring past items.

Create a Multi-Purpose Form for Product Sales, CRM, or Support

Design and customize your feedback form easily. No coding required. A few clicks and your form is complete.

Examples Include:

  • Email support
  • Sales inquiries
  • Manage customers
  • Instant notifications


  • Customer names
  • Email
  • Company names
  • Phone numbers
  • Messages

Include RSS content in your sites

Users can add any type of RSS feed to their mobile website. The most recent 5 items from the RSS feed are displayed automatically.

Showcase articles, videos, products, and any other RSS content widely available on the web.

Instructions and Walkthrough demo included!

All you need is your website’s FTP information and access to Cpanel (or an existing MySQL database). Installation takes 15 minutes or less if you’ve installed scripts before and your web hosting company doesn’t have any special requirements.

The script only needs PHP and a MySQL database (for storing the user information). A short demo walkthrough video is included for how to set this up in Cpanel, the web’s most popular hosting control panel.

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