Windmill – Online Mock Stock Portal Free Download


What is Windmill?

Windmill is an online portal made for you to conduct an online mock stock game. Mock stocks are a kind of game in which participants are given an initial virtual sum of cash. They read some given news, invest in certain assets out of a pool of assets that are pre-determined by you. The game is played in rounds and the worth of assets change in each round. The person with highest net worth after the last round wins. It is an interesting and popular game. People who played it once usually play it again and again.

Windmill will allow you to model your game with a very easy interface. You feed the number of rounds, the assets you want, their prices and the news.

What do you get?

Windmill is extensive for a mock stock. You can do following with it:

  • Sorting assets in categories with minimum and maximum quantities for the category.
  • Assets have their minimum or maximum quantities that can be or need to be bought for each round.
  • News can be added for a particular round in bunk.
  • You can keep as many rounds as you want to.
  • As many as assets and news too.
  • A referral system where for each team someone refers, he gets additional cash to start the game with.
  • Control on the market. Open or close the market anytime.
  • A very thorough manual.
  • An elegant design.
  • My support in modelling the game.
  • You can make a forex game with it.
  • Mailing to all registered participants at once.
  • Email confirmation for all registering members.
  • Many many customizations on offer.
  • Much more…


You can see the frontend demo here:

For the backend demo:

Username: Admin Password: changeme 
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