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The file .htaccess is a very important file autogenerated by Prestashop in root directory. This file contains parameters with increase the website performance with compression files, rewrite rules, security parameters, etc…
  If you want to edit this file, you have to go to the server files and edit manually this file. This task is complicated, spending so much time, and in some hosting servers, you cannot edit to your server files due restricted permisions.

What does this module do?
With this module you will have an editable text area with .htaccess file content, where you will be able to change parameters, edit your own codes, etc..
Also you will have a special bar placed on top for quick access, directly from every back-office pages.

Backup original files
This module does a backup of .htaccess file before installing itself and will restore it when uninstall module. ¡¡You will never lose original Prestashop files!!

Edit .htaccess to optimize your website

You will be able to edit the file .htaccess with your own codes. And you will see the .htaccess content in module configuration page.

Quick access in back-office pages

You will be able to access to the  module configuration page directly from back-office. ¡Saving time!

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