CSV Cron Import / Dropshipping PrestaShop Free Download

CSVCronImport  will allow you to import/update products, categories, users, etc., from a csv file and create a scheduled task to automatically update when you want.

The module let you to import/update products, categories, manufacturers, suppliers, customers and combinations with a cron job. If you are a retailer and need to update all your products stock, proces, etc every day, hour or when you need, this is your module.

You can create many cron jobs as you need, like one for categories, other for products, etc, and let you delete all products before import, update by reference, and a lot of more options.

If your CSV are big, the module have the option to slipt files by size, like 100 small files with 10 products, and you get a better import and no timeout errors.


  • Update products, categories, manufacturers, suppliers, customers and combinations 
  • Infinite CSV cron jobs
  • Easy edit any cron created
  • Multilingual


  • Multistore

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