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The Prestashop platform in any version is not provided with a configuration page to enable the Debug mode. Therefore in order to activate this mode you must be accessed by FTP to Prestashop files and manually edit parameters to activate it. This procedure can be difficult for users with little web knowledge level, and slow if you want to enable and disable the Debug mode as continuously task. Even in some contracted servers, you can not access Prestashop files to edit because of the restriction of permissions they have.

The Debug mode is essential to have enabled development environments in Prestashop stores and at certain times for the installation of modules. This Debug mode launches warning messages, errors and conflicts with server parameters and Prestashop files.

This way is easier to detect the type of issue, the cause and origin, later to fix it quickly.

With this module you will have on hand a full page configuration Debug mode to choose advanced and unique parameters not included in Prestashop by default, with just one click. It also offers an easy access on page from your back-office.

In other words, this module will have full access to your back-office to all advanced and exclusive Debug mode to configure with just one click and the easiest way options.


You can enable or disable the Debug mode without editing any Prestashop files, just in one click, Easy and fast!. There are some available advanced parameters for this Debug mode which they are not included by default in Prestashop.

One of  best features is to be able to enable Debug mode only for IP address specified in configuration page . In this way, your customers won’t see any debug messages in front office and any error messages or blank pages. You will be able to work in develop environment without giving troubles to your customers. Also you will have a quick access dropdown at top of back-office page to enable or disable Debug mode and to go into configuration page directly with easy and fast way.

This module have de feature to enable Debug mode with different levels to show different type of debug messages.

Very cheap module with essential features for your Prestashop store!

– Enable Debug mode in one click. Easy and fast.
– You don’t have to edit any file to enable this debug mode.
– Full configuration page with Debug mode advanced parameters.
– Quick dropdown in back-office to enable or disable Debug mode.
– Advanced parameters available to enable different options in Debug mode.
– Display log errrors in configuration page.
– Different Debug levels to choose.
– Enable Debug mode only by IP address. With this feature your customers won’t see any debug message in front office.
– Full uninstallation cleaning all files and no module trace after this.

Pass: demodemo


Version 1.0.1 (03/11/2016)
– [FIX] bug enabling or disabling debug mode from quick access on top.
– [MOD] Dropdown quick access modification to fit better on top, now shows a triangle exclamation icon with colour.
– [ADD] Module menu with drop and drag features.
– [ADD] Option to show or hide the dropdown quick access.

Version 1.0.0
– First version.

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