Grouper PRO – Extended Customers Groups Prestashop Module Free Download

Short Description

We’ve breathed new life into the Customers Groups.
Grouper is the first module that gives you a full control to manage your customers.

The benefits for Merchants

Grouper PRO helps you to manage Customers Groups that meet your business requirements. Improve the shopping experience of your customers by assigning them better prices, allowing them to access specific categories or products, and much more. Customers will like and appreciate such personalized service! No more assigning customers in groups manually – Grouper PRO will manage them with a scheduled cron job. Export all the grouped customers into a CSV file for further tasks, like using a Mailchimp to make a bulk sendmail to a limited group of customers.


Grouper PRO module allows you to merge your customers in groups based on their attributes, like: age, gender, location, language, registration options, shopping and shipping experience and other key features.
Once created target customers groups specific for your business, you can: assign them a different pricing policies, like: Cart Rules and Catalog Price Rules, assign a specific product price, manage a Category Group Access (show specific categories or products to a limited group of customers) and all other things you usually do with your customers!
How it works:
– Create target group
– Build group
– Setup a schedule (Bring your groups to life!)
– Assign price policies
– Export customers for further tasks
– Send them a greeting or marketing email
– Enjoy!

The benefits for customers

Customers like personalized services, pay them more attention, offer better prices and make awesome offers, show specific products and they will pay you back very quickly.


Regular installation. Optionally can be configured to work with “Cron tasks manager” by PrestaShop.


Use “Cron tasks manager” for easier cron job arrangement.


Password: demodemo

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