Image Assignator – Instantly Assign all Images to all Combinations in Prestashop Free Download

Image Assignator Features:

  • Straightforward problem-solving module
  • Assign Product Images to Product Combinations
  • Global view of all Products, their Images and Combinations
  • Detailed view of Product Images
  • Specific Product Combination Assignation, using the Combination Filter
  • Remove Assigned Images. Invidiual removal, several or all Images at once
  • Flash Assignation. Bulk Image assignation to all Product Combinations
  • Complex Filter for Products
  • Code oriented towards fast and stable results
  • Complex Pagination System for Product Combinations. Big-data oriented, the Pagination allows you to view 100 or 10000 Combinations with no perceptible time difference by groupping them into 20,50,100 or 200 Combinations per page
  • All texts are fully translatable, Multilanguage supported
  • Multishop Supported
  • Complete Documentation available within the module.


  • Isotope and Masonry libraries by
  • Icons by
  • Documentation tool, Documenter v.2.0 by
  • Presentation tool, Envatitor v1.5 by

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