Module Questions 2 Answer – Prestashop Free Download

Precautions Before installing this module please check that your PHP version is greater than or equal to 5.4 without this precaution the module does not work.

Module Questions 2 Answer – Prestashop

This module allows your future customers can ask questions about a product they wish to purchase to customers who have already ordered the product, a list of questions is available on the product for other customers

Questions 2 Answer module allow you to contact other clients to ask questions or answer questions about the various catalog items, and they can submit questions about a product or share expertisent answering questions from other customers .

  • The url numbers known by Google
  • Customer issue deposit form with Article
  • Sends automatic email to the customer who placed the order product
  • Sends automatic responses that the customer asked
  • List of customer issues
  • Display page individual questions answered
  • Email clients sending settings page

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