WooCommerce 2Checkout Payment Gateway Nulled Free Download

2Checkout is best payment Gateway to accept almost all credit cards and Paypal. It allow your customers to make purchases in any of 8 payment methods, 15 languages, and 26 currencies. N-Media integrated 2Checkout Payment Gateway with WooCommerce. It is tightly integrated with WooCommerce Core API. When order is placed, user is navigated to 2CO awesome one page checkout page and All Billing & Shipping fields are also sent so customer will not type all Billing & Shipping information on 2CO. After payment the order is confirmed then user is sent back to your site link already set in your 2checkout account.

  • Inline Checkout
  • Itemized Billing
  • Best Price Guaranteed
  • Copy Billing/Shipping Fields to 2Checkout Form
  • PCI Compliance


Inline Checkout

When SSL installed on your site then enable Inline Checkout which do not redirect your client to 2Checkout page.

PCI Compliance

If you implement with Inline or Standard Checkout, including third party carts or onsite integration, you do not need to worry about PCI compliance at all. Through those solutions, the process of taking and using the credit card information is redirected to us, so all of the PCI compliance is our responsibility. 2Checkout is PCI Level 1, based on our transaction volume.


You should configure your 2Checkout Account with under following instructions.

  • You must setup proper return URL and notification URL under your 2Checkout Account
  • Log into  then Account > Site Management and make the setup:
    1. Set the Direct Return as Header Redirect (Your URL).
    2. Fill the Approved URL using a URL like:
      1. http :
    3. Set Secret Word strong one.
  • Finally you need to set the Notification URL, for do it click the following link:
    • Enable the Order CreatedFraud Status ChangedInvoice Status Changed and Refund Issued options and set the URLs like:
      1. http :


How it Works?

After plugin activation following options can be setup under WooCommerce -> Settings -> Checkout -> 2Checkout  

  • Enable Inline checkout support, leave unchecked for default checkout process.
  • 2Checkout account number – It is also called Seller ID, it can be seen after login from top right corner of your 2CO page.
  • The “Title” option allows you to determine what your customers will see this payment option described as on the checkout page.
  • The “Description” box controls the message that appears under the payment fields on the checkout page.
  • Enable Demo Mode – Do not charge any payment. It is Test environment.
  • Payment Method – This will set the default selection on the payment method step during the checkout process.


How to use

  • Install plugin from zip file and activate it
  • See above section

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