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Do you know our product pages are the core of your eCommerce site. This is where customers will decide to purchase or not. So if you have a tool can optimize these pages as perfectly as possible, you will attract customers’ attention and persuade them to buy

Remember, a well designed product display can increase sales by up to 44 percent, with videos and full 360 degrees spin views, sales can increase by up to 97 percent!

WooCommerce 360 Degrees And Video Product Viewer provides you with an easy way to add a dynamic, controllable 360 degrees image rotation and preview videos to your WooCommerce site. By simply adding a group of images or video embed codes to a product, you’ll have a beautiful image rotation and videos replace the product’s featured image

The plugin is responsive and support all mayor devices and browsers.

Key features

Insert inline video embeds into both extra meta box and extra tab to upload videos

Add unlimited images into an extra tab to build 360 spin effect

Video loads as inline embedded videos in place of product images when customer click to Video button

360 spin effect will be shown in place of product images when customer click to Spin 360 button

This module works with any theme

Easy to use and install

How it works

After activating the plugin, you’ll find new meta boxs on the the edit screen for single products, directly above the gallery meta box on the right side.

Now, let’s add some images! When you’re viewing them within your computers file explorer or finder window, try have them in the correct order you want them to be displayed in (normally this would be alphabetically like product-1.png, product-2.png, etc… so just keep in the right order) and then upload them in the Media Upload window.

Insert your youtube embeded code to upload a featured video!

You also can insert youtube embeded code to upload a preview video. This video will be shown in an extra tab on your product detail page.

It really is that simple. Just some simple steps and your product page will be transformed!

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