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WooCommerce Better Product Preview

WooCommerce Better Product Preview is a plugin created in order to make things easier in WooCommere. Normally, if you have a product which has some variations differing with just a tiny details you have to create separate image for each variation. Here is a simple example: let’s say that you want to sell a product with 4 elements that change and there are 4 possible changes for each. You have to create 4×4×4×4 images – that’s 256 images to make! This is exactly why our plugin was created. Basically it changes multiplications of possibilities to adding them. In this example it would give total 12 = 4+4+4+4 images to create. 16 images take much less work than creating 256, don’t they?

Please note that this plugin doesn’t use normal WooCommerce variations – other plugins may be incompatible

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