Apollo – Sticky Full Width HTML5 Audio Player – WordPress Plugin Nulled Free Download

A fullwidth responsive HTML5 Audio Player WordPress plugin compatible with all major browsers and mobile devices. Artist image or vinyl record animation.

It supports .mp3 and .ogg audio files



Installation –
How to use the plugin –



Sticky & Standard Versions

You can set the player to be sticky for a page or for the entire website. You can also disable sticky feature and just insert it in the content of a page or post.

Continuous Playback

When you’ll change the page, the player will continue from it was in the previous page. This will ensure a smooth playback across your entire website.

Vinyl Record Animation Or Artist Image

You can either show the vinyl record animation or the artist image.


The playlist items can be structured in categories. An audio file can belong to multiple categories.

Show/Hide Playlist

Button to show or hide the playlist. Parameters to show the playlist from the beginning.

Download Option

Available button to download (on desktop) the current playing file. You have the option to hide the download button.

Read Folder

Option to automatically generate the player playlist code from a folder which contains the MP3 files.

Multiple parameters

Autoplay, loop, shuffle, rewind, volume control, minimize etc.

Multiple Instances

You can insert multiple audio players on your website or on the same page

Free Updates

Once you’ve bought the product, you can download for free, from your account, all the updated versions.


Notes for IOS (restrictions imposed by Apple):
1. The autoplay will not work because IOS disables autoplay feature and it can’t be controlled from JS
2. Volume controllers will not work on IOS. You’ll have to adjust the volume with physical buttons of the mobile device.


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  ***Version 1.0 Release Date: June 21, 2017 

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