WooMail – Woocommerce Email + Builder Access Free Download

Welcome to the world’s first WordPress WooCommerce-ready email

WooMail is so much more than a simple email template. It’s the first ever email template optimized to work with the extremely popular WordPress plugin WooCommerce, the one which makes ecommerce easy for millions of users around the world.

The email templates that come with the WooCommerce plugin have long been the subject of expensive customizations due to the fact that they look so plain.

Now that WooMail is out, all you need to do is purchase the template and within a few easy steps you can integrate our lovely template with your WordPress site and send your clients order confirmation emails that make the difference between a random online shop and a very respectable one.

The integration is a few step process that is well documented, and if you’re having any sort of issues getting it done, our support staff will be more than happy to help.

Improve your WordPress shop’s client retention

With so much competition in the online shop business, every aspect can be the difference between a great shop and an average one. Offer your clients an amazing experience by sending lovely styled order confirmation or payment information emails branded with your company’s logo and designed to impress.

Guaranteed compatibility with ANY WORDPRESS THEME

Are you running a pemium WordPress theme, a customized theme, a free theme or a child theme? There’s nothing to worry about. We guarantee that our email will be compatible with any WordPress shop powered by the WooCommerce plugin, regardless of the theme you’re using!

Update History

V1.0 – Jan 24th, 2015

Official Release

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