Craftlea – Vintage Handmade Store – Blog Template Free Download

Craftlea – Modern and Vintage Handmade Store Template

Homepage – Onepage Template with no slides

Homepage – Onepage Template with awesome raining effects

Homepage – Onepage Template with slide both text & images

Homepage – Onepage Template with text slides only

Homepage – Onepage Template with video background

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Straight to the point, If you’re looking for a template to sell your handmade craft goods, Craftlea is the right one. Craftlea is inspired by smoothy and simply, mordern and vintage in the conbination.

What’s behind Craftlea?

Built with HTML5, CSS3 which is the most adaptive material to all kind of hostings, just upload the package files, and we’re all good to go. Package file also cameup with LESS file, interesting?

Why should I buy Craftlea?

Craftlea bring up to you with , it’s the proof for simple you just read above. And many more pages, for all kinds of purpose, I mean, enought for your handmade store.

Show me more pages!!!!

? Yes, Craftlea included blog page, or you can call it news page, and blog , awesome right? Here’s the link for your convinience

Do craftlea have products page?

Well, we have thought about that when we built Craftlea, so, here is the link to , and one more link, . That’s the answer!

I do want to show the collections or lookbook, something like that, do you have?

Check it your self man!, here’s you go. And let us know how do you think about page?. Comment it here

Your one page template is good, but I want to show the banner with slider, text…etc

How about 5 variations of that banner? Video background, raining, slider with texts, static banner.

Anything else?, markup?, alightment?, headings styling ready?.

We made Creatlea for you, and we knew most of our client do not know much about coding, crazy stuffs, so we built this 3 pages for you, like it?

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