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Latest Update: 21 August 2015 – v 1.7.3

RT-Theme 19 is a responsive premium WordPress theme with powerful tools. You can use it for business, corporate, product catalog, services or portfolio web sites. The product and portfolio tools also give you wide opportunities to use in various services as tour itineraries, rent a car, real estate, hotel presentations and much more. You can also create an with RT-Theme 19 and WooCommerce plugin. Check out the page to see other demos that created only by using the tools. All demos included the theme package and possible to switch the default skin to one of pre-made skins with a single click. Or create your skin by using the customizer panel.

Customer Reviews for RT-Theme 19

“Outstanding work, such a beautiful theme with tons of features that are very controllable. Best theme I have ever used and that has been a lot! LOVE IT! ”
– sboyle

“My 6th theme from this innovating designer. Keep up the great work! ”
– terryatsm

“Great and flexible design. Very well coded theme and supper fast in the frontend of my website. ”
– BackuPs

“Very good looking theme and coding. ”
– cmsadmin

“ANOTHER great theme! Possibly the best support on the entire TF Market. Keep up the amazing work!”
– CRobson

“Really like this approach to design; everything is thought through and there is so much flexibility to do anything you want. I’m using the default demo theme to build a site for my client; he loves it already.”
– romanbond77

“I’m Persian and this theme completely supports RTL languages”
– eravanbakhsh

“It feels like it is a whole generation ahead of the customary free WP themes. So many features via plug-ins, and so much customization. It creates more design work, but the improved finished product is worth it.”
– 741sol

“Great quality theme, easy to customize, accurately responsive and very well designed. ”
– Dexter800

“This is the best theme we ever used! Great look&feel, code is well written and there are tons of theme options! This is the way how themes should be made! ”
– rimlightstudio


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 ------------------------------------------------------------ RT-Theme 19 - v 1.7.3 - August 21, 2015 ------------------------------------------------------------ Updated: RT-Theme 19 Extensions plugin version 1.7.2 ( Required for WordPress 4.3 )  ------------------------------------------------------------ RT-Theme 19 - v 1.7.2 - August 20, 2015 ------------------------------------------------------------ Fixed: Issue fixed on breadcrumb menus when a page has more than two parent pages. Improved: WooCommerce 2.4.4 compatibility Improved: WordPress 4.3 compatibility  Please note: We have tested the latest version of Revolution Slider and found some issues. We are waiting them to be fixed before include it to the theme.  ------------------------------------------------------------ RT-Theme 19 - v 1.7.1 - August 6, 2015 ------------------------------------------------------------ Fixed: RTL styling issue comes with v1.7  ------------------------------------------------------------ RT-Theme 19 - v 1.7 - August 5, 2015 ------------------------------------------------------------ Added: New demo and skin ( skin 11 check ) Added: Full height rows option Added: Full width header option added to the layout 2. ( Check, Styling options -> Header -> Header Bar Content Width )  Added: Shadow option for the left side of the layout 1 ( Check, Styling options -> Left Side -> Shadow )  Added: Center aligned content blocks option to layout 1 content rows. ( Check, Styling options -> Content Rows -> Content Align )  Added: Ability to use self hosted Webfonts in the customizer Added: Ability to use Adobe(c) Typekit fonts in the customizer Added: Ability to add a font family name into the font list of the customizer Improved: WooCommerce demo store message position improved. It will be displayed as a sticky bar at the bottom of the pages. Fixed: WPML translated captions for images and lightbox  Fixed: W3C HTML validation issue Updated: Visual Composer plugin version 4.6.1 Updated: RT-Theme 19 Extensions plugin version 1.7  ------------------------------------------------------------ RT-Theme 19 - v 1.6.1 - June 18, 2015 ------------------------------------------------------------ Improved: Custom selectforms for GravityForms compatibility Fixed: Invisible breadcrumb nav issue when page titles are off  Fixed: Invisible blog dates issue of blog lists Fixed: WooCommerce store message position Improved: Google Maps shortcode for description field Improved: Search functionality for WPML plugin Updated: Visual Composer plugin version 4.5.3 Updated: Slider Revolution Plugin v4.6.93 Updated: RT-Theme 19 Extensions plugin  ------------------------------------------------------------ RT-Theme 19 - v 1.6  - May 07, 2015 ------------------------------------------------------------ Added: Ability to add thumbnail images to product categories Added: New options to Customize -> Product Options for category display. Check the “CATEGORY DISPLAY OPTIONS"  Added: New shortcode [product_categories] for listing product categories with thumbnails and descriptions Added: New visual composer module [product_categories] for listing product categories with thumbnails and description Added: "Go to top” button option. Enable via Customize -> General Options -> Go to Top Button Added: Animated scrolling links shortcode for bookmarks. Check [rt_scroll] from shortcode helper screen for details. Added: PSD file of sample logo  Improved: Various WooCommerce related styling Improved: GravityForms plugin compatibility. ( Add notcustomselect as a custom css class name to disable the default custom select boxes. ) Fixed: WooCommerce product tags styling issue pages Fixed: Bulk installer issue of bundled plugins Updated: RT-19 Extensions Plugin v1.6 Updated: Slider Revolution Plugin v4.6.92 Updated: Visual Composer Plugin v4.5.1  ------------------------------------------------------------ RT-Theme 19 - v 1.5.1 - April 22, 2015 ------------------------------------------------------------ Updated: Visual Composer plugin version 4.4.4 Updated: TGM plugin activation class Updated: RT-Theme 19 Extensions plugin Improved: Tabs and accordion shortcodes to allow inner shortcodes like blog posts Improved: CSS improved form select boxes inside tabs Improved: GravityForms plugin compatibility  ------------------------------------------------------------ RT-Theme 19 - v 1.5 - April 18, 2015 ------------------------------------------------------------ Added: New demo and skin ( skin 10 check ) Improved: Google fonts are now loading within a single http request Fixed: Styling issue when using multiple accordion contents in a page Improved: Tabs shortcode and removed extra p tags from tabs Improved: Autorotate functionality of carousels Fixed: Removed unwanted output in the admin screen after customized custom post type slug names  Improved: Footer output function, added filter option to footer copyright text Improved: Blog featured image resizing Fixed: WooCommerce my account link for WPML plugin Fixed: Single product page of product showcase for missed general details content when using accordion style  ------------------------------------------------------------ RT-Theme 19 - v 1.4  - April 6, 2015 ------------------------------------------------------------ Added: New demo and skin ( skin 9 check ) Improved: CSS and JS codes Fixed: Video background bug when used for a single page only Fixed: Bug fix for portfolio, product and other shortcodes when multi category selected  Fixed: Typo fixed in comments.php Fixed: Bug on custom slug names of the product showcase, portfolio and other CPT’s of the theme Fixed: Bug on image resizing calculation for layout 2 when a sidebar active Updated: Po file  ------------------------------------------------------------ RT-Theme 19 - v 1.3  - March 30, 2015 ------------------------------------------------------------ Added: New demo and skin ( skin 8 check ) Added: Body video background options  Added: Header width option to single post design options Added: Auto play and speed options to all carousels Added: New style to the icon lists module and the shortcode Added: New color options to the shortcut buttons of the layout 2, removed the color set option Added: Mobile menu border color option Improved: Extra class names removed from navigations Improved: Blank page template improved for layout 1 Improved: JS codes Fixed: Page with no sidebar issue fixed Fixed: Border color issue between languages list of horizontal navigation  Fixed: Bug fix on page title when a page used as posts page Fixed: Content width and footer width issues on woocommerce pages Fixed: Breadcrumb menu and page titles of archive pages Fixed: Invisible player buttons issue when using combined css files  ------------------------------------------------------------ RT-Theme 19 - v 1.2  - March 25, 2015 ------------------------------------------------------------ Added: New skin and demo ( see demo #7 ) Added: Horizontal navigation design option Added: Blank page template Added: Sidebar options Fixed: Custom css class names issue on VC row and columns Fixed: radio button positions fixed under shipping method of WooCommerce carts Improved: Front-end and back-end po files merged into a single file /rttheme19/languages/ Fixed: WooCommerce review form visibility issue  Fixed: Issue on gallery post types Improved: blog list grid view styling  Updated: RT-19 Extensions Plugin   ------------------------------------------------------------ RT-Theme 19 - v 1.1  - March 19, 2015 ------------------------------------------------------------ Added: New skin and demo ( see demo #6 ) Added: One page support Added: Mobile menu font size controls to theme customizer  Added: Slideshare option and icon added to social media options Improved: Drop-right menu functionality and CSS Fixed: Image Gallery shortcode custom link target Fixed: Invisible WooCommerce related theme addons issue on page builder Updated: RT-19 Extensions Plugin  Updated: Slider Revolution Plugin Updated: Visual Composer Plugin  ------------------------------------------------------------ RT-Theme 19 - v 1.0.1  - March 17, 2015 ------------------------------------------------------------ Fixed: Invisible theme addons for Visual Composer    


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