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Product Sizechart Pro Magento Extesion

Product Sizechart magento extension allows customers to view sizechart image with content for a particular product.

Why need product sizechart extension?
Product Sizechart Pro Extension which will allow the admin to easily add new size chart image and content from the admin and each size chart can be assigned to product separately. Admin can also set sizechart to whole category products. Admin can add unlimited number of sizecharts with store wise. Rich set of sizechart popup options easily manageable from admin. Display size chart with two options (In Popup & On Page) on product view page. Easily add any custom size chart content using WYSIWYG editor.

If sizechart is selected from product categories, then it will apply to all the products of that selected category. You can also apply sizechart to particular products from product admin add page. But it will gives first priority to product categories to apply sizechart.

Reason to choose product sizechart pro magento extension

  • Easy to use & manage.
  • Custom sizechart icon and text to show in frontend.
  • Sizechart link on product view page.
  • Display sizechart with two option either display as a popup or inside product page.
  • Great experience to add any custom size chart content using WYSIWYG editor.
  • Ability to add size chart image with content.
  • Storewise sizechart management.
  • Apply sizechart for whole product category or particular category.
  • Popup sizechart content with fancybox.
  • Unlimited number of size charts.
  • Rich set of sizechart popup configuration options.
  • Perfect for fashion & apparel stores.
  • Supported sizechart image formats:.jpg, .png, .jpeg, .gif

Installation Process

Note: Please take backup of your Magento installation (files and database) before install/update any extension.

1) Download the extension’s .ZIP file.

2) Extract .ZIP file from magento root directory.

3) Clear Cache

4) Go to ‘Kerss Tech -> Manage Sizechart -> General tab? and select Enable Sizechart to Yes.

Set all other options for product size chart as per your requirements and save settings.

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Improvement suggestions

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  • Bug Fixed: Fixed admin grid renderer error


  • Initial release

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