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<center>Increase your SEO and your visibility in search engines such as Google thanks to the module SEO (Search Engine Optimization) developed by PrestaShop!</center>
This module allows you to optimize your SEO in a few clicks.
Very easy to use, this module will fill automatically all the essential tags for a good search engine optimization, whatever the number of your products. You will have unique tags for each of your pages and keywords that fit exactly your products.
The visibility is a key success factor for an online store. Many studies revealed that approximately 85% of the Internet users do not go beyond the first result page. This proves that without a good SEO, nobody will find your products.
<center>Reach your objectives with this worthy module! Essential for every good merchant!</center>


This module fils automatically the crucial tags to optimize your SEO for every product in a category.

Meta tag « product title » (« Meta Title »): this Meta tag corresponds to the title displayed at the top of every page, and in the search engines. It is totally cdefinitely crucial.
Meta tag « product description » (« Meta Description »): it correponds to the description of each page. This description guides the Internet users and incites them to click on your website.
Meta tag « product keywords » (« meta keywords »): Yahoo and Bing use them a lot.
Meta tag friendly URL (« URL rewrite »): rewrite the URLs allows you to have clean and uniques address for each page of your website, and increase your ranking in search engines.
Meta tag « Short description »: provides a short text for your products.

How to configure this module?

Easy configuration is three steps:

1) Select the language for which you want to fill your Meta tags.
2) Select a category. The Meta tags of all the products inside this category will be filled.
3) Fill your models. Warning: if you already filled the Meta tags of some of your product inside the chosen category, these Meta tags will be replaced by the models you are going to write. If you do not wish to change a Meta tag (title, description, etc.), simply do not write anything in the corresponding field of your model.

The following variables are at your disposal to fill your models:

• {product_name}, the name of your product
• {parent_cat_name}, the name of the parent category
• {parent_cat_name_level_%}, the name of the parent category at the superior level (replace « % » by the level of the category)
• {manufacturer_name}, the name of the manufacturer
• {product_reference}, the product reference
• {default_cat_name}, the name of the default category
• {product_price}, the product price
• {product_features}, the product features (separated by comas)
• {product_reduction_percent}, the percentage of reduction of the product (si you defined reductions)


• One year free update and support included(e-mail me if you want latest)
• If you want new field write to use. Use sent MessagePad to devloper link.
• We are constantly updating our modules; therefore this module is fully compatible with all PrestaShop 1.5 and PrestaShop 1.6 versions.


• If you are using previouse version reinstallation is required. We add many new options so you need to setup your settings again.
• If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.
• We can also develop custom modules for you or make some core modifications for your PrestaShop web store if needed.
• If you have an issue with our module, please fill in this contact form and we will do our best to help you.

We are always happy if we can help our customers! 
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